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Christy is an admin of Unknowable Room; UnknowableWiki is her pet project. She also oversees the Fic Exchange, the Hourglass Awards (along with Kerstin and Chelle) and the forums. Chris lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Christy began reading the Harry Potter series in 1999, and has more or less stuck around the fandom ever since. She first created her FanFiction.Net alias (Christy Corr, after her favourite band at the time, The Corrs) in 2001, and began posting god-awful fics around that time. She is very much ashamed of them nowadays, and is very glad to have deleted them a while ago. Few people remember they once existed, let alone read them—Runi, Kelly and Archee are the only ones, to her knowledge, and they are sworn to secrecy. She began writing her current WIP, Hopelessly Addicted, in 2003. It's gone through a major hiatus and one restart from scratch since its creation, but she does intend to finish it someday.

Christy joined The Great Break in April 17, 2005. All her fics were purged from FanFiction.Net in April 28, 2005 [1].


  • Christy is twenty years old, and has been in Law school for four years now. She will in June 2010.
  • She is addicted to many, many things, including U2, DVDs, and several TV series (among which House M.D., Six Feet Under and Doctor Who).
  • Her native language is Portuguese, but she speaks English, French and Italian with varying degrees of fluency (in that order).


Christy's oldest fic at Unknowable Room is Hopelessly Addicted. March 2007 signalled a new turning point in Christy's work ethic (which, contrary to popular belief, is excellent in all fields apart from work itself); she actually managed to finish some of her one-shots from time to time, and Three was written.

Her other fics include:

Social Niceties - (She may or may not blame the eggnog later on, of course. He cannot foresee whether she will, and cannot bring himself to care just yet.) Rated R.
Atonement"Sometimes I think a curse should rest on me—because I love this war. I know it's smashing and shattering the lives of thousands every moment—and yet—I can't help it—I enjoy every second of it." Rated PG-13.


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