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A major character page should follow very specific guidelines. Click on 'edit' above if you want to copy this template before writing about a certain character.

Use the template:Chartable. See this page for more information.

Character is/was: A short blurb explaining who the character is in the Potter universe. S/he is married to chocolate, is a member of chocolate, etc.


Include here canon information regarding his/her character and appearance: his/her hair is chocolate, he/she likes chocolate, etc. You may wish to split this section into 'Physical' and 'Psychological' subsections.


Do we know anything about this character's childhood?

Other sections

This part should vary according to the character in question. In Harry or Neville's case, for example, it would probably be useful to include some information regarding their birth/the Prophecy, and a longer section dedicated to their Hogwarts years. Sirius or Bellatrix probably require a separate section for the years they spent in Azkaban, and so on.


Here, you should include useful remarks about this character that wasn't mentioned earlier in the article. It can be divided in categories, but cluttering in this section should be avoided.


Briefly describe how this character is most often characterised in fanon. If you're dealing with a major character, a "''See [[Fanon:Character Name]]'' is better than an excessively long section.


Who is this character most often shipped with in fanfiction?


  • Include here any ships involving this character that can be found in the books.



  • The character's heterosexual pairings in fanfiction, excluding canon pairings.


  • The character's homosexual pairings in fanfiction.


  • Any group pairings the character is involved with in fanfiction.

External Links

In a numbered list, point to relevant websites that may help a fic author better understand this character.

  1. The first link should always be the character's Lexicon profile.

All characters must include the csort template.

Don't forget your tag your article properly! See also Categories for aditional information.

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