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Cedric Diggory
Nicknames and aliases Ced, Pretty-Boy Diggory
Death June 24, 1995
Parents Amos and Mrs Diggory
Blood status Pure-blood
Wand ash and unicorn tail-hair; twelve and a quarter inches; particularly springy
Appearance A handsome, pleasant young man
School Hogwarts
House Hufflepuff
Hogwarts achievements Prefect, Triwizard Champion, Quidditch Captain
Occupation Student
Special abilities Seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team
Portrayer in the movies Robert Pattinson
First appearance in canon Grim Defeat (PA)
Cedric Diggory, fanart by Ayne.

Cedric Diggory was a Hogwarts Hufflepuff student and a Prefect (GF15). He was the quintessential Hufflepuff: true, loyal, friendly and good-natured.

He was Seeker and Captain of the Hufflepuff Quidditch team by his fifth year. His team won a match against Gryffindor once due to his capture of the Snitch before Harry Potter (PA9). Cedric's father, Amos Diggory, gloated about this victory when they met the Weasleys and Harry on their way to the Quidditch World Cup (GF6).

Cedric attended the Yule Ball with Cho Chang, and the two were involved until the boy's death (GF22). Cho mourned him during most of her sixth year (OP25).

Cedric was one of the champions selected for Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament, alongside Harry Potter. (GF17) After Harry warned him of what the First Task would be—dragons—, he returned the favour by telling Harry what the Gryffindor should do with the Golden Egg of the Second Task: take it to the Prefects' bathroom and take a bath with it. (GF23)

Cedric, fanart by Elspethelf.

After the Third Task, when Cedric and Harry held the Triwizard Cup at the same time, they were both transported to the Little Hangleton Graveyard, where Cedric was immediately murdered by Peter Pettigrew, at the command of Lord Voldemort and using the latter's wand. (GF32)

A ghostlike echo of Cedric appeared in the Priori incantatem effect that happened soon afterwards; he asked Harry to take his body back to his parents. (GF34)

Cedric in his Hufflepuff uniform; fanart by endoftheline.



Cho and Cedric; fanart by H.Johanna.






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