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The four champions, fanart by Makani.

"Champion" is the title for the competitors in the Triwizard Tournament. As the name of the Tournament suggests, there are traditionally three Triwizard champions; one for each of the schools that take part: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang. However, due to the illegal intervention of Barty Crouch, Jr., Harry Potter is chosen as the fourth Triwizard champion in the 19941995 edition of the Tournament.

Selection and competition

The champions are selected by the Goblet of Fire, a powerful magical object that chooses the most worthy candidate for each school out of the names submitted to it. Students selected by the Goblet of Fire are bound by a magical contract to compete in the Tournament. They cannot withdraw once they have been selected as champions.

The champions compete against each other in several tasks. Their performance is graded by a panel of judges.

Traditionally, the Triwizard Tournament used to be extremely dangerous, and many champions died during the tasks. In spite of the extra security measures taken in the most recent edition of the Tournament, Hogwarts champion Cedric Diggory was killed by Lord Voldemort at the end of the third task.

Champions in the Tournament of 1994–1995

For safety reasons, the British Ministry of Magic and the Headmasters of the three schools had chosen to bar wizards under the age of seventeen from submitting their names to the Goblet of Fire. The Goblet picked Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons, Viktor Krum form Durmstrang and Cedric Diggory from Hogwarts as champions. However, under the orders of Lord Voldemort, Barty Crouch, Jr. placed a powerful Confundus Charm on the Goblet. He submitted Harry Potter's name, making the Goblet of Fire believe that the boy was the only candidate from a fourth school. Thus, Harry was chosen as the fourth Triwizard champion and had to compete in the Tournament.

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