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The Ministry of Magic decided to interfere at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the active campaign with the Daily Prophet to discredit Albus Dumbledore (OP6). The interference began when Dolores Jane Umbridge became the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, in the beginning of Harry Potter's fifth year (OP11).

After that, Umbridge gradually centralised more and more power to herself, to many teachers' annoyance and indignation—particularly Minerva McGonagall, who openly clashed with her on occasion (OP29).

When Cornelius Fudge, the Minister for Magic, decided to arrest Dumbledore, following Marietta Edgecombe's betrayal of student-led Defence organisation Dumbledore's Army, the Headmaster fled in spectacular fashion (OP27). Umbridge then declared herself to be the new Headmistress, but the gargoyles guarding the Headmaster's office refused to accept her authority, and she was forced to maintain her office in its previous location (OP28).

Hermione Granger tricked Umbridge into believing Dumbledore had hid a secret weapon of some sort in the Forbidden Forest (OP32). When the self-appointed Headmistress followed Hermione and Harry into the Forest, they were ambushed by centaurs. The creatures eventually led Umbridge away, but the instrumental interference of Grawp prevented them from touching the two students (OP33).

The two Gryffindors, joined by other members of the D.A., then made their way to the Ministry itself (OP34), where the Battle of the Department of Mysteries occurred (OP35) and unmistakingly revealed Lord Voldemort's return to the wizarding population (OP36). This eventually forced Fudge to resign (HBP1), and Dumbledore was of course reinstated in all his former positions and titles.


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