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'Ships', or 'shipping'—both terms derived from the reduced form of the noun 'relationship'—are a well-known phenomenon in most fandoms. They refer to romantic relationships between canon or fanon characters. A 'shipper' is someone who openly supports a certain ship.

Ships may also be called pairings.

Harry Potter is no different from other fandoms when it comes to endless debates over this issue; it could be said that members of the Harry Potter fandom are the fiercest defenders of their favourite ships, unlikely though it may seem to many casual readers. 'Ship wars' (most often between supporters of Ron/Hermione, Harry/Hermione and Harry/Ginny) are extremely common.

A ship between two members of the same sex is normally known as slash. When it is between two females, it is referred to as femmeslash.

An amusing tradition of the Harry Potter is the assignation of titles to ships, bizarre and rare though some of them might be. A directory of most known ship names can be found here, at the FictionAlley forums. Ships are also normally abbreviated to the initials of the characters involved in the relationship, whether to fit in a summary or simply due to habit. Examples include H/H or H/Hr as opposed to Harry/Hermione, or L/J for Lily and James. To differentiate between ships whose members have identical first initials, last initials are frequently included: an example of this is the use of RL/SS, representing Remus Lupin/Severus Snape, to differentiate the pairing from the popular slash ship R/S (Remus/Sirius).

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