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This page is about the British Ministry of Magic. Were you looking for wizarding governing bodies of other parts of the world?

The Ministry of Magic governs the British portion of the wizarding world. The Ministry's structure is enourmous, with several specialised divisions (see below). Its main objectives are to keep Muggles from finding out about the existence of wizards and witches, keeping magical creatures under control, producing and enforcing wizarding laws, and, when threatened, to go to war against dark wizards.

The Minister for Magic is the chief of the Ministry. Until the summer of 1996, the position was occupied by Cornelius Fudge; Rufus Scrimgeour was his successor (HBP1).

Ministry grounds

The Ministry is a large underground building in London. There are three ways of entering it: Apparition, Floo powder, or the visitors' entrance (a specific public telephone cabin where one has to dial 62442 to be allowed inside).

Ministry Departments

There is also an area on Basement Level 8 known as the Atrium. This is where visitors enter into the Reception Area, to be greeted by the Welcome Witch and go through the Security Desk into the lifts. There is also a fountain in this area called the 'Fountain of Magical Brethren', which depicts a wizard, a witch, a centaur, a goblin, and a house-elf spurting water - a prime example of the equality the Ministry attempts to uphold. The Wwtchwizard who sits at the Security desk registers each wand as it comes through the Ministry (OP7).

The Ministry and Muggles

Wizarding law dictates that the Minister for Magic contact Muggle Prime Ministers, informing them of the existence of the wizarding world. The communication between the two offices is done by a small oil painting in 10 Downing Street, which appears to be stuck on the wall by a Permanent Sticking Charm; the Minister for Magic then visits the Prime Minister via Floo powder.

During times of great disturbance, it is the Minister for Magic's duty to keep the current Prime Minister up to date regarding major magical events, such as Cornelius Fudge does to the Prime Minister in times of great disturbances (HBP1).

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