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Durmstrang Institute is one of the three major European wizarding schools that take part in the Triwizard Tournament. Although its precise situation is unknown, it is one of the colder regions of the continent, possibly near Bulgaria; the school's uniform includes fur coats (GF15). Underneath the coats, the students wear deep blood-red robes (GF16).

Durmstrang differs from Hogwarts in that its students are well educated in dark magic. Draco Malfoy claims that his father wanted to send him to Durmstrang, but his mother thought it was too far from home (GF11).

The last known head of Durmstrang was Igor Karkaroff (GF15), although he fled as soon as Voldemort returned (GF36) and was eventually discovered dead (HBP6).

Bulgarian national Quidditch player Viktor Krum attended Durmstang and was the school's Triwizard Champion in 1994 (GF16).

Gellert Grindelwald was a Durmstrang student. He carved the symbol of the Hallows on a wall of the castle during his years there, and several students copied it onto their school stationary, thinking that such an action made them look fearsome or cool; they later regretted it, as Grindelwald's many killings affected their families as well (DH8).

Grindelwald was a precociously brilliant student. However, his many dark experiments and almost fatal attacks on other students shocked the Durmstrang staff, and he was expelled at the age of sixteen (DH18).

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