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Carriages are a common means of transport in the wizarding world.

About a hundred carriages wait for the arriving Hogwarts students along a rough, mud road near Hogsmeade Station on September 1 each year, and take them back to the station at the beginning of the summer holidays. Because they are pulled by Thestrals (OP10), which are invisible to the majority of the student body, many believe that they are moving on their own accord (PA5, GF11, GF37). The Thestrals who pull the carriages are very well-trained, since they make the journey unassisted past the wrought iron gates and around the lake to the castle.

A huge powder blue flying carriage as big as a house is used by the Beauxbatons students to attend the Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. The carriage is drawn by twelve gigantic Abraxans, which Madame Maxime (the headmistress of Beauxbatons) breeds (GF15, OP20, HBP30).

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