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Birthdays are celebrated by wizards in much the same way as they are by Muggles. Wizards come of age when they turn seventeen; after this date, they are allowed to Apparate (provided that they pass the required examination), among other privileges.

List of birthdays

Most characters' birthdays listed here were revealed by the calendar at Some others, however, have already been featured in canon; a few were mentioned in interviews as well.

Harry's birthdays

The beginning of most books in the series revolves around Harry's birthday. Events that occur on July 31 of any given year tends to be relevant to the boy's character development, if not to that of the overall plot:

  • 1990: For Harry's tenth birthday, the Dursleys gave him a coat-hanger and a pair of Vernon's old socks (PS3).
  • 1991: Rubeus Hagrid delivers Harry's Hogwarts letter (PS4) and takes the boy to Diagon Alley, where Harry receives Hedwig as a birthday present (PS5).
  • 1992: Harry gets no presents for his 12th Birthday (CS1). He's deprived of contact with his friends during the entire summer; it was a plan of Dobby's to make him not wish to return to Hogwarts (CS1). The plan backfires when the house-elf visits number four, Privet Drive and reveals his true intentions. That same evening, Dobby causes a pudding made by Petunia to fall over Mr. and Mrs. Mason, a couple of rich Muggles who were visiting his uncle. Because of the incident, Harry receives his first warning from the Improper Use of Magic Office (CS2).
  • 1993: Harry receives owls from Ron, Hermione and Hagrid, bearing presents (PA1).
  • 1994: Harry gets four birthday cakes from Ron, Hermione, Sirius and Hagrid, which help him survive through Dudley's strict diet (GF3).

Other canon birthdays

No birthday celebrations are narrated in the books. Two notable exceptions are:

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