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Creature profile
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Ministry of Magic Classification XXX
Appearance insect, sappphire blue, wings on top of head, long thin sting at the bottom
Origin Australia
First appearance in canon An A-Z of Fantastic Beasts (FB)
Notes made on Harry's copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Ron notes that he will stop eating Fizzing Whizzbees
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Billywigs are magical insects that can be found in Australia. They have a sapphire blue body that is half an inch long and ends in a thin sting. The wings are attached to the top of their head. These wings rotate so that the Billywig spins constantly when it flies. It is so fast that it is hardly ever noticed by Muggles.

Wizards who are stung by a Billywig will become giddy and levitate for a short time. Repeated stinging may cause several days of hovering and an allergic reaction can result in permanent levitation. These severe consequences notwithstanding, several generations of young Australian witches and wizards have tried to provoke Billywigs into stinging them.

Dried Billywig stings are an important ingredient in various potions and are rumoured to be an ingredient for Fizzing Whizzbees (FBAZ).

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