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Marjorie Dursley
Nicknames and aliases Marge and Aunt Marge
Sibling Vernon Dursley
Blood status Muggle
Appearance large; beefy; purple-faced
Pets Ripper
Occupation dog breeder
Portrayer in the movies Pam Ferris
First appearance in canon The Vanishing Glass (PS) (mention) / Aunt Marge's Big Mistake (PA) (appearance)

Marjorie Dursley, often called Aunt Marge by the family, is Vernon Dursley's Muggle sister. She resembles her brother. She lives in the country where she raises and takes care of her twelve bulldogs. She visits the Dursley's on occasions and brings her favourite dog, Ripper, along with her.

Aunt Marge doesn't approve of of Harry and, even though she's oblivious to the fact that he is a wizard, she treats him as inferior. She believes Harry owes Vernon and Petunia a lot because they accepted him into their home and have taken care of him; this is something she wouldn't have done. She thinks Harry's dad was an alcoholic and insults both of his parents.

In the summer before his third year, Harry gets so angry that he inflates Marge like a balloon (PA2). Ministry employees deflate her and Obliviators modified her memory.


  • Aunt Marge sent Dudley a present for his birthday, (PS2)
  • Marge went on a holiday to the Isle of Wight and sent Vernon a postcard complaining of food poisoning (PS3).



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