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The Unknowable Room administrators are in charge of both the website and the wiki. They are currently: Christy (Christy Corr), Runi (Eos), Missy (Missers), Kerstin (Oxymoron) and Chelle (afterthree).

The group has changed significantly since the start of The Great Break, when nine ficwriters joined to mod the LiveJournal community and hatch plans for the website. Sarina (Sarinileni) and Erin (erak) left due to scheduling difficulties before the founding of the archive.

Holly (everblue3) announced her decision to leave the site in July 2006, and Erin (twinsuns) was chosen to replace her. Holly returned to UR in June 2007. Bee (beedaily also joined the team on January 2007.

On March 8, 2008, Christy demoted Bee, Dede, Erin and Lynn. Chelle and Kerstin accepted the invitation to become admins a few days later.

Even though Missy is still in charge of finances and Spotlight, the admins share the responsibility for most other UR programs, blurring the strict division of duties that was previously in place.

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