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  • Dudley turns eleven. The Dursleys go to the Zoo to celebrate, taking Piers Polkiss and Harry Potter with them. At the zoo, Harry talks to a boa constrictor in the Reptile House and releases it from its confinement with a burst of accidental magic when Dudley shoves him out of the way (PS2).


  • Last week of July:
    • The first Hogwarts letters arrives in Privet Drive. Though Vernon and Petunia refuse to let Harry Potter get his letter, more arrive. Uncle Vernon tries to keep the letters from coming by boarding up the doors and windows, but the letters still come; finally, he has a mental breakdown and the family leaves the house, traveling aimlessly in an attempt to escape the letters. However, the letters keep arriving. Vernon then decides to buy a gun and rents a shack on an island during a storm, where the family stays for the night.


  • Voldemort decides to inhabit Quirrell after his failure in stealing the stone (PS7, PS17).
  • Vernon and Petunia ignore Harry.


  • September 6
    • Harry have his first Potions class. Snape mocks him in front of the whole class (PS8).
    • Harry and Ron meet Hagrid for tea (PS8).
    • They find out about the Gringotts incident.
  • September 12
    • Gryffindor and Slytherin first-years have their first flying lesson (PS9).
    • Neville breaks his wrist after falling from a broomstick (PS9).
    • Draco steals Neville's Remembrall after he boy leaves for the Hospital Wing with Madam Hooch. Harry get it back after a spectacular flight.
    • McGonagall sees Harry flying and takes him to Oliver Wood apointing him as the new Gryffindor seeker instead of punishing him (PS9).
    • Draco challenges Harry into duelling with him ([PS9]]).
    • Hermione tries to stop Harry and Ron to go the the duel in the Trophy Room. She follows them outside the portrait hole, and they meet Neville (PS9).
    • They find out that Draco fooled them and tipped Argus Filch about someone being in the Trophy Room around midnight (PS9).
    • The Trio and Neville meet Fluffy for the first time (PS9).
  • Mid-late September
    • Dumbledore ask Snape to keep an eye on Quirrell.
    • Harry's new Nimbus 2000 arrives.
    • Oliver teaches Harry Quidditch rules.


  • October 31
    • A Troll invades the castle, interrupting the Halloween feast. Harry and Ron try to find and warn Hermione about it instead of going to the Gryffindor Common Room as they should. They meet the troll in the bathroom were the girl is hidden and defeat the troll by hitting him with his own weapon by making it fly with a spell they had learn ealier in the same day Wingardium Leviosa (PS10).
    • Harry, Ron and Hermione become friends (PS10).
    • Quirrell tries to steal the Philosoper Stone but Snape stops him (PS11).


  • Early November
    • Harry goes to his first Quidditch Match, against Slytherin. He plays agains Terence Higgs, but has a lot of trouble on trying to find the Snitch because Quirrell was cursing his broom. Hermione thinks that it was Snape that was jinxing Harry and set his robes on fire (PS11). Harry wins the game by catching the snith with his mouth (PS11, DH7).
    • The Trio first finds out that Nicolas Flamel is involved in the thing hidden in the third-floor (PS11).


  • Late December
    • Harry and the Weasleys stay at Hogwarts to the Christimans Hollidays (PS12).
  • December 25
    • Harry recieves several christimans presents, as a flute from Hagrid, and a hand-kitten jumper from Molly. He also receives his fathers Invisibility Cloak (PS12).
    • Harry leaves his room alone to walk around with the cloak and finds the Mirror of Erised. He sees James and Lily's face for the first time (PS12).
  • December 27
    • Dumbledore finds Harry in the same room for the third night in a row and warn the boy about spending too much time dreaming (PS12).

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