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At some point in 1980:

Before July 1980, perhaps in 1979:

March 1:

June 5:

June 23:

July 30:

July 31:

After July 1980, perhaps in 1981:

  • Snape realises that Voldemort intends to murder Lily and James Potter. He asks Voldemort to spare Lily, and turns to Dumbledore to request protection for her. From that point on, he may have become a spy—or perhaps only after Lily's death (DH33).

Approximately around October:

December 25:

Around late 1980 or early 1981:


Around late 1980 or early 1981:

After July 1980, perhaps in 1981:

Mid- or late July:

July 31:

Mid-July or early August:

  • The McKinnons are murdered. Lily cries all evening when she hears the news.

Early August (presumably):

  • Peter Pettigrew visits the Potters over the weekend; Lily notices that he seems downcast.
  • Lily writes Sirius a letter thanking him for Harry's birthday present (DH10).

August 11:

September 1:

Almost a week before October 31:

  • The Potters perform the Fidelius Charm (PA10); at the last minute, Sirius—their chosen Secret-Keeper—suggests that Peter Pettigrew should replace him. Remus is not informed of this, as Sirius believes the werewolf is the Death Eater spy in their midst. The ruse backfires: Peter, who is a Death Eater, reveals the Potters' location to Voldemort (PA19).

October 31:

  • Voldemort goes to Godric's Hollow. Muggle boys in the village are celebrating Hallowe'en. He enters the Potters' home and murders James. At Snape's request, he nearly spares Lily; however, she refuses to move away from the cot where she placed Harry when he orders her to step aside, and he kills her, as well (DH17). Her sacrifice shields Harry from Voldemort's attempt to murder him (PS17), and the Dark Lord is reduced to a powerless, almost lifeless, form (GF33). The rebounding curse destroys the house (DH17).
  • Robbed of his body and powers, Voldemort flees to Albania (GF33).
  • Sirius goes to Pettigrew's house to check on him, and finds that he is gone, although there is no sign of a struggle. Sirius rushes to Godric's Hollow.

After October 1981, perhaps in early 1982:

November 1:

  • Minerva McGonagall, in her Animagus form, goes to Privet Drive in the morning to wait for Dumbledore, having been informed by Rubeus Hagrid that the headmaster will be going there (PS1).
  • On Dumbledore's orders, Hagrid goes to Godric's Hollow to fetch Harry from the wreckage. There he meets Sirius, dishevelled and tormented, who tries to take his godson with him. Hagrid comforts Sirius, but refuses to give him the baby (PA10). Sirius gives his motorcycle to Hagrid, who uses it to get to Little Whinging.
  • Albus meets McGonagall in front of number four, Privet Drive, and confirms that the Potters were killed. She is horrified by the idea that Harry will be raised by Vernon and Petunia.
  • Dumbledore leaves Harry on the Dursleys' doorstep, along with a letter to Petunia (PS1), which explains that her taking Harry in will save the boy's life (OP37).

November 2:

  • Petunia Dursley finds baby Harry on the doorstep when putting out the milk bottles (PS1).

November 1 or 2:

  • Sirius corners Peter Pettigrew, who fakes his own death by blowing up the street in which they are. The action kills twelve Muggles; the Muggle authorities blame the tragedy on a gas explosion. Peter cuts off one of his index fingers, takes on his Animagus shape (a rat), and escapes. Sirius begins laughing uncontrollably.
  • Sirius, mad with grief and helplessness, is soon found by Ministry officials, including a young Cornelius Fudge (PA10), and sent to Azkaban without a trial for the murders of Pettigrew and the Potters (GF27).

Early November:

  • Snape goes to the Headmaster's office, grieving Lily's death. He promises to help protect Harry, on the condition that Dumbledore never reveals this to anyone (DH33).

Mid- to late November (presumably):

  • Peter Pettigrew is awarded the Order of Merlin, First Class, supposedly posthumous, for confronting Sirius Black. The Order of Merlin, along with Pettigrew's finger, is sent to his mother (PA10).

Presumably late 1981, maybe early 1982:


At some point in 1982:

After October 1981, perhaps in early 1982:

September 1:

After October 1982, perhaps in early 1983:

  • About a year after Crouch, Jr. is sent to prison, Mrs. Crouch insists that her husband rescue their son from Azkaban. She takes Polyjuice Potion and impersonates the Death Eater; he takes some as well and leaves the prison dressed as his mother. She dies shortly afterwards (GF27). Crouch, Jr. is closely watched while at home, kept constantly Imperiused and under an Invisibility Cloak (GF35).


Fred Weasley Transfigures his brother Ron's teddy bear into a spider, forever instilling in Ron his phobia of spiders (CS9).



September 1:


At some point in 1985:



At some point in 1986:




At some point in 1987:




February 12:

June 20:

July 2:

August 24:

October 28:

December 2:


March 13:


June 27:

July 21:

July 23:

September 1:

September 7:

October 12:

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