12th Century

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At some point in this century...

  • Service exchanges become commonplace in the wizarding community, allowing the development of wizarding trades. Broomstick makers of more skill start negotiating with their acquaintances. Broomsticks thus improve in quality and comfort, an essential condition for the spread of broom games (QA1).


The famous painting Günther der Gewalttätige ist der Gewinner ('Gunther the Violent is the Winner') is created, depicting the ancient German game of Stichstock (QA2).


Scottish wizard Guthrie Lochrin writes of the "splinter-filled buttocks and bulging piles" he experiences after a short broom trip from Montrose to Arbroath. The letter demonstrates that brooms are not well developed and very uncomfortable at this time (QA1).


Wilfred Elphick born (FW).


Puddlemere United, the oldest Quidditch team in the British and Irish Quidditch League, is founded (QA7).


Wilfred Elphick dies. Elphick famous for being the first wizard to be gored by an Erumpent (FW). Given that Erumpent horns are highly explosive (FBAZ), it is very likely that this encounter is the cause of his death. However, his Famous Wizard card shows him heavily bandaged but alive, so it is possible that he survived and his death had another cause.

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